Keeping things given to us by God simple, even though we live in a very complicated world.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

The great I Am

While I was getting ready for church this morning, I was watching David Jeremiah. I turned the program-Turning Point, on with about 10 minutes to go. Dr. Jeremiah was talking about Jesus being the great I Am, meaning he is the Lord of the present. He is not the great I Was, or the great I will be. Jesus wants us to hand Him our problems as they come along.

The Bible tells us to "Cast all our care upon the Lord for he cares for you" It says care and not cares. We are not supposed to pack all our troubles in our old kit bag and smile. What we are supposed to do is hand our problems one by one to Jesus, as they come along. Then we have to praise Him. There is power in praise.