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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Views Change

I was thinking as I attended church this morning that my views have really changed many times since I accepted Jesus almost 30 years ago.

When I first got saved, I jumped into my faith feet first reading not only my Bible, but every bit of denominational literature I could get my hands on. I also listened to some of the most hard headed people I could listen to. And if people didn't believe exactly the same way I did, in my mind they were going to Hell. I guess I was quickly becoming a pharisee. I shudder to think what the Cliff of 1980 would say if I could see the Cliff of 2010.

Musical tastes were the same way. Those I ran with thought the only modern music that was pleasing to God was Southern Gospel. That was one place I wasn't all that dogmatic in as I liked some of the contemporary music. This brings another thing to mind, an email exchang I had some time ago with another blogger.

Those who read my main blog are familiar with Sue Wilson. She is morning show co-host and program director of country station WQMX, Akron, Ohio. Sue is also former program director of WFHM, Cleveland, Ohio, aka the Fish, which is a Contemporary Christian Music station. Sue has first hand knowledge of people judging others on the basis of their choice of music. Sue has taken phone calls and emails from some who have have had less than a Christian attitude toward her, her employer, and the music. She told me that she once wrote an article called "You Have Reached the Pharisee Hotline" or something like that. I have never thought of laying into any program director because of the music in any format and it pains me to think of anybody who would be so thoughtless to send any mean spirited communication to anyone who has as sweet a disposition as Sue.

I think in the past few years I have opened up my mind aa little more and this has helped me to be able to relate to many more people than in the past. I have learned not to look at some of the minor doctrinal differences of my brothers and sisters in Christ in a judgmental way. And if organ music helps you get closer to the Lord, go listen to it. And may God richly bless.