Keeping things given to us by God simple, even though we live in a very complicated world.

Monday, December 15, 2008

A Christmas Poem

This is the poem I wrote to read in church. Last night was our Food for Christmas singing and I felt led to finish this poem yesterday afternoon and read it last night.

Mary and Joseph, they came into town

The lack of room had caused them to frown

They finally found comfort inside a cave

Not made for man, but protection it gave

They came into town for Caesar to tax

Decree for a census, he wanted his facts

Not knowing that he was a part of God's plan

God's plan to bring salvation to sinful man

The Virgin Mary, she was so great with child

Not being protected from all of the wild

God provided protection for them on that day

And provided a bed that was made out of hay

The angels that night would all start to sing

Born in the hay that night was a king

Forgiveness from sin, this child He would bring

Take away from believers, death's awful sting

This was God's present to all of this Earth

The present was wrapped up in this child's birth

This child would come here to pay for our sins

And when you accept that your story begins