Keeping things given to us by God simple, even though we live in a very complicated world.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012


I was attacked the other day for my beliefs. By a friend.

That's okay. Thinking as we are now in Lent, Jesus was betrayed by a friend and sent to his death.

Anyways it was about a sentiment I expressed online. Had to do with the state of New Jersey lowering their flags half mast in observance of the passing of singer, Whitney Houston. I never made any reference to the turbulence which defined her later life, I just questioned as to why the state would lower their flag for an entertainer. I was asked on my Facebook page if I thought it was okay when flags were lowered for Dale Earnhardt. Though I am a NASCAR fan, I don't agree with that either.

I host a page on Facebook, called Question of the Day. I threw out the question  When, do you think, should flags be flown at half staff?  I got the expected answers, seeing that this was a current topic in the news. Some even mentioned Whitney Houston's drug addiction problem.

Then came this post on the QotD page: You all sit there and hide behind your computer screens on this page and judge people for their short comings. Some of you claim to be Christians. Aren’t Christians supposed to follow the word of the lord! A lord who is all forgiving, a lord who would never bash anyone the way you all do. Perhaps it’s time to do some reflection on your own lives, none of us are perfect! Yet some of you feel you have the right to judge others based on your own perceptions. It seems to me that some of you do it for the personal need of recognition and some of you do it because you are sheep and follow. In the end, we will all be judged by one! For these reasons I have chosen to no longer partake in these discussions.

 I felt that that was an attack against me, as I posted a video on my timeline that morning by the Chuckwagon Gang. I try to post a Christian video every Sunday.

I guess people can go online and question the actions of Tim Tebow, who is public about where his talent comes from. They can place any Christian politician under the microscope, and magnify their shortcomings. If anybody doesn't agree with your personal beliefs, they use the word "hate" to describe the views they oppose. Much of this is Marxist thinking. They want anybody expressing Christian beliefs to tuck tail and run.

In the end, we all will judged by one. And we won't get bonus points for worshiping at the altar of celebrity. And I will continue to let my light shine.